Workshops at Velvet Grace are designed to fit your talent level whether you are a newbie searching for your inner artist, or a veteran looking for a place to create. Individual artists will find space to let your soul grow and your heart dance, and groups will discover something different and fun. The Velvet Grace Studio is where you need to be! Just bring your creative side, some friends, an open mind and we will feed the artist in you! Wine, beverages and snacks are included with each class.


My watercolor classes at Velvet Grace explore the basic formula, water + watercolor paint + paper + paintbrush = watercolor painting! Participants are 16+, all experience levels or styles welcome! Velvet Grace invites you to their lovely studio space to have fun, learn technique and make art in a relaxed environment.  All levels welcome, bring a friend or a group, make it a ladies night out!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The Velvet Grace Studio offers a multitude of classes and workshops using
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to transform old furniture and common household items into beautiful decorative pieces. Whether you are a beginner or are a painting veteran, these fun-filled workshops will help guide you with creative and technical support so you can learn the skills to get the results you want.